HARPER KROS, Never Stop Skating!

A short while ago we presented the label ABC123me by designer Louisa Rowland. Do you remember ABC123me ambassador Harper Kros? The boy who is mad about skating. Harper lives in Phoenix, Arizona and every day he is cruising along the streets of his hometown. MILAN Magazine had the opportunity to interview the nine years old skater. We talked about his passion for skateboarding, everyday life and future plans.

Harper, who inspired you to take up skateboarding?
No-one, I picked it up on my own.
At what age did you start skating?
At the age of four and a half years.
How many hours a day do you practice?
Two to three hours a day.
Street or tranny – where do you skate most of the time?
Mostly street, but I like both.

See Harper in action in this amazing video:

What are your favorite skateboarding tricks?
Treflip, Kickflip, Ollie 360.
Are your friends skateboarders as well?
None of my school friends are, but all the rest are skaters.
What is your favorite activity on your day off?
Boxing, video games, and swimming.
Which competitions are you planning to take part in?
Mostly local comps, Best Foot Forward, Fall Jam, Locals Only, Volcom Wild In The Parks, King Of The Groms.

Harper doing a Backside Boardslide

Harper doing a Backside Boardslide

Which sponsors support you?
Stinky Socks, D-Type Wheels, Skate XS, flow for Theeve Trucks, Duchamps Hat Co. and ABC123me.
What are your aims for the future?
Turn Pro, become a biologist, and possibly compete in the olympics if they allow skateboarding.
Would you like to work as a professional skateboarder one day?
Which skateboard-brand do you prefer?
Skate XS.
And how about shoes? Which brand do you wear for skating?
Mostly Adidas, and Lakai.
For skateboarding you need comfortable and breathable clothes. What are your favorite skater clothing brands?
Volcom, but I love my ABC123me clothes the best.
How was your photo shoot for the Label ABC123me?
I really liked it, Louisa is sooo nice.

Ambassador Harper Kros had a lot of fun at the ABC123me campaign-shoot. Credit: Credit: Image by © Aaron Smith for ABC123me

Ambassador Harper Kros had a lot of fun at the ABC123me campaign shoot. Credit: Image by © Aaron Smith for ABC123me

Was it your first experience as a model?
No, I have done a few other things for some of my sponsors.
How did you get your nickname „Boltz“?
I always land my tricks on the bolts of my board „the perfect spot“.
Who is your favorite skateboard idol?
Chris Cole.
How many skateboards have you used so far?
I go through about one a month so … a lot! lol

The perfect Kickflip! Credit: (Instagram) @snapjudgementphoto

The perfect Kickflip! Credit: @snapjudgementphoto

Harper kros – Personal Description:

Name: Harper Kros Cunningham
Nickname: Boltz
Age: 9 years
Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona
Occupation: Sponsored Skater
Position on the Board: Goofy
Ambassador for: ABC123me
Sponsors: Stinky Socks, D-Type Wheels, Skate XS, flow for Theeve Trucks, Duchamps Hat Co.


All Images from Harper Kros, PhoeniX, Arizona, USA

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